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Mobtown Merch was founded by native Mobilians obsessed with our city. We make shirts and apparel that channel Mobile’s work hard, play hard vibe and shout it to the world.
Mobile is so much more than just a port city on the Gulf Coast in southern Alabama. Sure, our badass port handles nearly 30 million tons of cargo annually, and yes, last year Mobile was among the South's top cities for job growth and hiring. But that's not what defines us. 
Mobilians have long recognized the unique history, character and charm of our city by the Bay. Long before Alabama was even a state, there was Mobile. Long before there was New Orleans, there was Mobile. We've been the capital of French Louisiana as well as Spanish Florida. We were held by the British, then the Americans. We were a pivotal battlefield during the War Between The States. Admiral Farragut sat at the mouth of the Mobile Bay and shouted, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" And went on to win the battle, a crucial effort in securing victory for the Union.
Mardi Gras started in Mobile, and it's still better here. We parade, we party, we dance, and we celebrate. What's that? You want to catch a moonpie? Won't get any of those from parades in New Orleans or Gulfport or St. Louis.
Oh and we ball hard, too. Mobile has produced more Major League Baseball Hall of Famers than any city in the United States. That's right FIVE MLB Hall of Fame inductees, including the likes of Hank Aaron and Satchel Paige, are from Mobtown. Y'all, there are entire states that have no MLB Hall of Famers. We've got five. Go on, brush your shoulders off.
These days, Mobilians build crazy fast, nimble Navy ships and huge passenger airplanes. We defend and preserve our intricate and beloved Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, an amazing basin and prolific estuary, encompassing seven rivers that flow into Mobile Bay.
Until now, in our 300+ year history, there has not been a way for Mobilians to truly express their hometown pride thru apparel and other merch. Mobile is growing, it's evolving, and it is time for a local company to step up and provide an outlet for our Mobtown pride! Join us in reppin' Mobtown. Spread the good word.